AXN™ Mr. Scary Guitar Final #02 of two

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Two AXN™ Guitars were made with this artwork which is very very time consuming and the art and relic is more detailed than George Lynch’s original. This is the Last One we will manufacture and discontinued. This guitar requires 2X the production hours than most of our AXN™ Guitars. No corners were cut. Every aspect of this guitar has the highest grade and highest accuracy to the original Mr.Scary. Much better quality guitar than the original Kramer Pacer.

We’ve included a new Floyd Rose made in Germany complete system with our AXN™ SuperWide™ sustain block for the ultimate Floyd Rose experience and tone! This ones got an accurate Holy Grail Kramer Banana headstock and the most collectible vintage Seymour Duncan JB wound in 1985 by Juarez.. just like George used!

  • This was the guitar AXN™ on display at various trade shows worldwide

  • Final AXN™ with this artwork

  • AXN™ Model 2 Guitar

  • This guitar has George Lynch's playing
    preferences from 1985. Specifications taken
    from this guitar 1985 Kramer Kamikaze

  • Hand Painted Graphics

  • Bridge - NEW 1984 Floyd Rose Tremolo Made In Germany Tremolo

  • With one of our 2018 AXN™ SuperWide™ Sustain Block - the ultimate sustain

  • Vintage 1985 Seymour Duncan JBJ Pickup - ( 300$+ value ) collectable pickup

  • Controls - Perfectly Placed Volume Knob

  • Bourns 500K with custom Treble Bleed Circuit

  • Rosewood Neck / Walnut Skunk Stripe

  • Prime Alder 2-Piece Body Center Joined

  • AXN™ Banana Headstock

  • 1985 Kamikaze Prototype Neck Profile

  • Fretboard - CUSTOM radius

  • Fret Size CUSTOM

  • Truss Rod - Dual Acting

  • Scale 25.5"

  • Gig Bag Included

  • Finish Custom ART - Relic'd