1985 Kramer George Lynch Signature Guitar

After years of diligent searching worldwide we have recovered a vintage 1985 authentic Prototype George Lynch Model and its branded Kramer. We have it for sale here as of August 21, 2017

I'm calling this purple guitar a Prototype "Kamikaze" but I must admit that I'm using that term just for logistics. This George Lynch Signature Model does not have any Japanese Kamikaze artwork style therefore to call it a Kamikaze is incorrect. The Paint is a Sparkle Purple.

After being aware of the differing statements from George posted to guitar magazines in the 1980s and also interviews and quick conversations with him where he skipped over the fact as to whether he was paid by Kramer USA to be an endorsee in the 1985 period I asked him this direct question.

In 2017 I asked George Lynch this question in person. 
[ Johnny - AXN™ Guitars ] "Hey George I think I have an un-authorized Kramer signature guitar of yours from the 1980s" 
George Lynch responded to me exactly like this.
[ George Lynch ]  "Well I did work with them for a couple years"  

This guitar is yet another one of the slightly expensive collectors item guitars I've bought recently.... the pretty wife barked at me before this purchase but I bit the bullet and sprung for it anyway. Now the guitar resides here in Arizona withe me :- )

This guitar was manufactured by ESP and branded as a Kramer guitar when George Lynch was working with Kramer Neptune New Jersey on his endorsement model. Thats what this guitar is... This Kramer Neptune New Jersey Era guitar is considered "The Prototype".

Its 100% Authentic. A couple things,  I have verified that the logo on the headstock is 1985 Kramer factory. Its just as every 85' Kramer logo and under the vintage clear coat. Theres a dated 1985 Seymour Duncan DDJ Humbucker in this guitar also has a preliminary George Lynch ESP single coil in the neck position. The tremolo post are ESP sinclair both bushings and posts. The neck is an authentic ESP reverse banana ( reverse Holy Grail headstock ) with the very identifiable ESP truss rod end at the heel.

One thing to note is that I know very well the many details exclusive to the 1983 Kramer Baretta Holy Grail neck. Its worth mentioning that this guitar has quite a different neck profile than that 1983 Kramer Baretta. This guitar has virtually, if not exactly, the same specifications as the very first ESP Kamikazes released in 1986. Oh and dont forget I've sold one of these GL Kramers  in the past and it was the same era >> http://alienxnation.com/kramer-george-lynch-guitar

Of course George was an official ESP endorsee after the Dokken Tooth and Nail Tour and Joined ESP Guitars at NAMM that year and contributed to the ESP advertising in the following period and up to today.. Again in 1986 the first GL Kamikaze was officially released. This Kramer guitar predates those familiar official Kamikazes that we recognize.... 

oh yea, there is at least one more purple one we know about in Europe and we've seen two Magenta Burst Color Prototype GL Kramers online >>


Best Wishes Friends, Johnny AXN™ Guitars



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