The AXN™ Model 2 is our modern take on a very classic guitar design. Armed with its locking tremolo, it is the hardest-rockin Stratocaster shaped guitar you will ever hold in your hands. Each Model Two is hand made and has its own very powerful hard rock pizzazz.

The misconception that one guitar should cover a multitude of sounds contrasts sharply with the fact that professionals use a specific guitar for each style of music they are performing. Our AXN™ M2 transcends the gap between 1980s Metal, Alternative and Modern Progressive. Every AXN™ is made to do one thing... Rock!

The neck profile on our Model Two will take from the best of the artist model guitars that everyone has considered favorites for decades.  With a focused ear we spent more than two years developing the construction of our hand built necks to capture a hard-rockin tone. Likewise, we chiseled away until we achieved our unique AXN™ headstock design.  Having listened to our customers we now use our own proprietary jumbo fret size on all Model 2s.

Designed into the back of our AXN™ Model 2 guitar is a custom size tremolo cavity hole. It is a precise fit for our humongous AXN™ Sustain Block yet does not lose precious tone-wood. Our specialized AXN™ SuperWide Sustain Block is effectively 5 Times Larger than a standard Floyd Rose sustain block and is only available in our AXN™ Model 2 guitar. These AXN™ features drastically improve the sonic attributes while enhancing the flutter effect of a Floyd Rose Original tremolo.

A custom size tremolo cavity hole and a humongous AXN™ Sustain Block wont be found in any other brand. We use these in the production of each unique AXN™ Model 2 Guitar. Also worth mentioning, our AXN™ Guitars as well as our AXN™ Sustain Blocks are made in the United States of America.


We concentrate all our efforts toward satisfying players that are truly hard rockers. We have incorporated all the things that the history of electric guitar manufacturing has established and players consider "must-haves". Many things that guitarists acknowledge as common sense such as a single well placed volume knob and a familiar large fret size are incorporated within our AXN™ Model Two. Likewise we have removed details that rock players regard as cumbersome.

Our AXN™ guitars are modern art with no two guitars being exactly the same. We include things like our small control cavities and pickup routing to keep precious tone-wood, custom wound name brand pickups and Original Floyd Rose Tremolos to accentuate an already awesome tone.

Quite simply, the way we deliver is by accurately picking Triple-A Exotic Woods with our own eyes from local suppliers and by choosing the perfect metal hardware, and pickups. We then strategically use these in the manufacturing and production of each unique guitar. Again leading us to a divine tone-flavor for hard rock. Our experience, skill and passion contribute to the successful making of guitars that you can't find anywhere else!


We may change the details at will for Special Edition and Limited Edition guitars such as the AXN™ Sunset Strip™ Model Guitar. 

The above specifications are true to most Model Two guitars. That said, each AXN™ guitar is unique and manufactured here in California USA. We dont use CNC machines which create sterile guitars. Our wood stock is chosen with our own eyes from local USA suppliers.

AXN™ guitars are for those of us that are prepared to express ourselves as an individual.

A Big Word That means Variety... Variety... Fantasy... and Choices

We have the perfect canvas to which we produce these artful guitars. As a customer you will be able to choose from a magnificent variety of flavors and variations in our Model Two. We are in touch with the fact that each guitarist has preferences. For our standard Model 2 we make available an AXN™ headstock and a holy grail banana headstock.  These two headstock shapes can be ordered as standard or reverse.


Our hand made Holy Grail Banana headstock replicates every sought after feature of a 1983 Kramer Holy Grail Baretta neck. During design and manufacturing we improved upon the original holy grail neck. All the while retaining the exact holy grail headstock shape, type of wood, style of manufacture, neck profile, neck girth, frets and fretboard radius used by Eddie Van Halen.

In addition we do a Holy Grail Reverse Headstock that will have the playing preference of Dokken's guitar player George Lynch from 1985. We took the specifications of that neck profile and shape from this Kramer George Lynch Prototype Guitar.

AXN™ HEADSTOCK  [ AXN™ Model 2 ]

We manufacture from hand chosen woods picked for the best tone. Our attractive AXN™ Headstock went through various design changes before we settled on our unique shape. There are many things about our necks that help you perform at your best as a guitarist.

The make-up of our AXN™ guitar necks is the result of decades of study. As schooled luthiers we took the best aspects from the legendary guitars of the past and incorporated these into our modern design.

Just a few of the benefits in the design of our AXN™ necks is increased sustain, perfect fretwork, perfect fret edges and fret size, and an awesome fast and familiar neck profile. As well as our technical approach to guitar build engineering our AXNs are focused toward modern playing techniques.

AXN™ Sunset Strip™ Model 2 - Special Edition Guitar

Our AXN™ Sunset Strip™ Model Guitar will replicate with true authenticity every finite detail of a guitar that would have been used by a rocker at the height of LA Metal. It will be an instrument that emulates with absolute accuracy the look, the body shape, the tone, the hardware, the style and the spirit of a guitar worn by an 1980's Hollywood Rocker. We pulled from our experiences and many great memories of that magnificent time to reincarnate an authentic guitar that could have existed then!

* including * HEADSTOCKS TRUE TO THE PERIOD - Holy Grail & Strat® headstocks

Licensed Strat® headstocks [ ONLY available on Our AXN™ Sunset Strip™ Model Guitar ]

In the late 1980s there were many Fender® Strat® headstock guitars in use by rockers. It was a time when if you were really cool you had a Floyd Rose Tremolo on a Strat. We occasionally create an AXN™ Sunset Strip™ Guitar with a Strat® headstock to capture the authentic 1980s look. With the exception of Stratheads all other guitar necks we manufacture by hand from domestic timber in our AXN™ shop here in the USA.

It is a fact that because of Fender® Strat® licensing issues we must use an officially licensed Stratocaster® headstock neck. Fortunately we have access to the highest quality USA Made products by having a close relationship with the licensee.  The high cost of officially Strat® necks, which we custom order to our custom and unique specifications, results in the production of very few Strat® AXN™ guitars with this headstock.