The HOLY GRAIL - The All New AXN™ 83'

[ Standard AXN™-83' and Special Edition AXN™-83’X ]

Our USA made AXN™-83' Model 2 Guitar features replica-level detail. All the woods and hardware are based on lab analysis of the original Kramer 1983 Baretta. This also includes body shape, exact headstock shape and exact neck profile. With true-to-the-original thin hand-sanded primer and finish. This guitar is the most complete, accurate and refined reincarnation of the guitar that forms the legend. Every detail was meticulously developed, refined and manufactured here in the United States of America.

The original 1983 Kramer Baretta is considered by many to be the pinnacle of the 1980s electric guitars. Today, any one of the 200 original 1983 Kramers that were built commands thousands of dollars.

The AXN™-83' is an amazingly accurate hand crafted artist's replica of these highly valuable vintage guitars. Its rendered in detail so intricate that you'll find yourself confusing ours for the real thing. The AXN™- 83' is as close as you can come to owning an original Holy Grail. Experience the ownership, playability and tone of an original.

The Standard AXN™-83’

Our Standard AXN™-83' includes subtle improvements to the original Baretta production line guitar that was sold at Kramer retailers in the 1980s. Components such as our AXN™ SuperWide™ Boutique Sustain Block and the highest quality hand chosen exotic AAA-grade woods that exceed by far the wood used by Kramer in the 1980s are present. These materials mirror precisely what was used live by the artist for which the 1983 Kramer Baretta was designed and are included in our Standard AXN™-83'.

Boasting a walnut skunk stripe on the back of our perfectly shaped Banana Headstock neck ( or Hockey Stick headstock as it was referred to in the 1980s) our Standard AXN™-83 includes our convenient input jack and a reduced circular rear control cavity to retain precious body wood. Also our AXN™ perfectly placed volume knob locates the control away from the play area just like the rest of our AXN™ line of guitars.

The Special Edition AXN™-83’X

A Special Edition AXN™-83’X will be available in 2019 for those that can appreciate some exact well known details of the original Kramer 1983 Holy Grail Baretta. These include, a maple body with the original Kramer rear control cavity shape, an identical threaded input barrel jack, and the option of a 1-3/4” nut size. The volume knob placement of our Special Edition AXN™-83’X will be the same as the original 1983 Baretta.

Every AXN™ 83' guitar includes Exact Holy Grail Hockey Stick headstock and exact neck shape/profile specifications. Our Standard 83’ has a choice of nut size including and 1-5/8”, 1-11/16” and 1-3/4” nut. For our Standard AXN™-83 three wood types are available an Alder Body, Maple Body or a premium Swamp Ash body. Every AXN™ guitar body is 2-piece center-joined construction manufactured from hand picked tone-woods chosen by discerning guitar luthiers. 

Available in Creme in 2018-2019, the AXN™-83 is the ultimate tone-monster and comes 100% ready to be used live at an arena gig or just cranked at maximum volume in your bedroom studio!

Our AXN™ is new guitar that is made in the USA and includes a new Floyd Rose Germany tremolo system. Our guitars are backed by a one year warranty and our AXN™ performance guarantee.

The New AXN™ 83' Non-Relic Guitar will launch in Winter 2018