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  • Every Guitar Has a 72HR approval period. If there is a flaw we missed, there was an error in our listing, or it was damaged during shipping you can return the item no questions asked. Just email us

  • We accept every kind of Payment. All credit cards are accepted as well as PayPal. If you don’t see a payment type available just email us.

  • AlienXnation™ has been selling guitars since 2004 with over 1000 successful online transactions.

  • The AlienXnation™ Boutique is Truste Verified ( ) for a safe internet transaction.

  •  We are an Honest Seller and you can count on an honest transaction

  • We are truthful in our dealings and you can count on honesty in our character and well as honesty in each an every item description

Estimated Delivery Time

  • After payment every AXN™ Boutique Guitar receives a thorough inspection and fresh-setup from our professional guitar technician before it ships. Purchase-Date-To-Delivery is 3-15 Days for AXN™ Custom Guitars ( Estimate ) . Likewise, after payment every vintage guitar receives a thorough inspection and fresh-setup with new strings. Purchase-Date-To-Delivery is also 3-15 Days ( Estimated )

  • All other items are shipped quickly. Purchase-Date-To-Delivery is 5-15 Days.

Payment Types & Processing Time

A normal purchase of any item is quick and easy. On every item page is the ADD TO CART button. After hitting the ADD TO Cart button you will be directed to your shopping cart and asked to enter your credit card information.

The AlienXnation™ Boutique accepts ALL payment types at checkout. We also accept PayPal at checkout.

NOTE : We now accept . If you choose Zelle we can discount your order an additional 3%. You would need to contact us directly to arrange this method. ZellePay is not part of our normal shopping cart checkout.

If you have questions or problems please contact us

Credit Cards Payments

  • [ March 2015 ] The AlienXnation™ Boutique accepts every type of credit card.

  • Our normal checkout will process Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club.

  • Australian, Canadian, and European customers can use Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

  • We also accept gift and prepaid cards that are one of the above types.

  • We also support Bitcoin and Apple Pay, and are testing support for China’s Alipay.

  • We Accept the bank transfer system  Zelle®

  • Please contact us if you any difficulty with checkout, payment or problem processing your credit card.

Cash Payments and MoneyGram

The AlienXnation™ Boutique accepts US currency and all international currencies.  We accept Moneygram as a preferred cash equivalent payment.

If cash is your preference you may contact us and we can help with this type payment.

In rare instances Cash/Moneygram may be a requirement for some an international sales.

We also may offer a discount for USD cash payments.

Bank Cheque, Bank Notes and Bank Checks

We accepts all bank drafts and checks including cheques from international buyers. Please contact us and we can help with this type payment. 

Other Payment Information

For cash payments, bank cheques as well as bank drafts ( checks ) there will be a short delay while we process this type of payment. In every instance we will ship your item with 24hrs of you funds becoming available to our payment processor.

USA Shipping - USA Shipping is always FREE

International Shipping

We ship to absolutely every location in the world - We accept ALL international Credit Cards

  • If your location has limited carriers that deliver to you we will contact you through email to negotiate either a refund or an alternative delivery method.

  • All International Sales are Final.

  • Please use the Purchase Button at the bottom of each item listing to purchase that item for international delivery.

  • In rare instances Cash/Moneygram may be a requirement for some an international sales.

  • Internationally Buyers must be aware of local tariffs, taxes or additional shipping charges that your Country may charge for items coming in. We are not responsible for those and will not reimburse you for these charges.

Return Policy

  • Our Guarantee: We will deliver the item that you purchased and it will arrive exactly as it is represented in our listing photos and the items written description.

  • Our guarantee assures that the physical, structural and cosmetic condition will be accurately described in our item listing details and within the listing photos.

  • If the item you receive was misrepresented in the listing or damaged by the shipper you will be granted a return.

  • In order to get an expedited return you must identify any possible return by emailing us immediately upon receiving the item and prior to sending the item back to us.

  • To return an item that has been opened it must be in the exactly the same condition as received. This means that the product is in exactly the same condition as it was delivered then placed back in its original packaging and with all the original pieces and delivered to back to us.

  • If an item has been used to any extent, is altered, worked on, modified, adjusted or varies in anyway whatsoever from the condition in which AlienXnation™ originally sent it we reserve the right to deny your return and we will send your item back to you at your cost. If you alert us to the need for a return beyond 72 hours after it is delivered it is likely we will deny your return. It is your responsibility to check your item  the day it is delivered for faults or damage by the shipper.

  • We do not accept returns for buyers remorse claims. We operate under the assumption that our character and honesty is in check and that we have offered the item for sale with a lengthy description and great photos making it easy for you to make a commitment and purchase. This is NOT EBAY or AMAZON ... That means please don't buy items from The AlienXnation™ Boutique to "check them out" or "try them out" or "see if the item fits" with the expectation of an unconditional return policy and a refund. It is your responsibility to research the item and ask questions before your purchase from us. There is no implied guarantee at the AlienXnation Store. All guarantees are stated here within this written contract. Do not shop here if you plan to use fraudulent tactics such as the type often abused on Ebay and Amazon in order to circumvent this written contract between AlienXnation and yourself.  

  • WHEN WE WILL PROVIDE A FULL REFUND : If you firstly request a return be emailing us and we then find one of the following  ( 1 ) there is an error in written description in regards to the item purchased ( 2 ) the item you received was destroyed or damaged by the shipping company, or ( 3 ) there was negligence by us when we presented the item for sale resulting in an item that was mis-represented. If #1, #2 or #3 stated here is the case and the item is successfully returned in all likelihood a full refund will be granted and your payment source will be reimbursed. Of course, all return requests will be  investigated by us first before any reimbursement will be considered.

  • If you request a return for any reason we reserve the right to offer you a store credit versus a refund. Simply stating that you don't like the item or that you made a mistake because you did not look at the photos or read the description is not a valid reason for return. The AlienXnation™ Boutique is NOT a brick and mortar retailer. We do not offer an unconditional return policy.

  • We are a small honest family run business offering items that are impossible to find and accurately described. With every Item you buy here you will get honesty, accuracy in the description, and we will deliver the item you purchased safely to you. Yet, in nearly-every return scenario a store credit will be our effective reimbursement method for returns. Research your item and ask questions before you buy from The AlienXnation™ Boutique. If we accommodate you by accepting a return be aware that a store credit will more than likely be the reimbursemnt method.

  • We are truthful in our dealings and you can count on honesty in our character and well as honesty in each an every item description

  • If we deem that your reason for using our return policy is fraudulent we will not honor your return. If you file a chargeback with your credit card so as to circumvent this contract we caution you that any fraudulent claims will be dealt with accordingly. 

  • Again, If we deem that your reason for using our return policy is fraudulent we will not honor your return.

  • We will deliver the item you purchased exactly as described, in the exact same physical condition as the listing describes and at the posted price. Demanding anything more than a successful transaction and successful delivery or putting forth unreasonable and fictional demands by extortionary tactics will be debunked.

  • Any and all shipping charges are non-refundable unless the item is misrepresented in the listing. If your item was purchased with free shipping and we grant a return you agree that we alone can decide to deduct our shipping and handling cost from the total when your refund is applied.

  • The AlienXnation™ Boutique has achieved a worldwide reputation for honesty along with our reputation for delivering the rarest boutique items. We are in the business of selling items so we can deliver them successfully ... and make a profit. We want to sell to honest people with character that appreciate a small business that survives on the uniqueness of its products and the efforts and honesty of its proprietor. The AlienXnation™ Boutique has the items you want and many guitar players desire. Please shop here with good intentions.

  • This is a contract. So once again, If your reason for using our return policy is fraudulent we will not honor your return. We accept returns only for  items that were misrepresented in the listing description or damaged during the delivery method.

  • Our guarantee does not apply to virtual descriptions. For example if you claim that the item description stated that item sounds like mahogany wood and after receiving the item you claim that it does not sound like mahogany wood. That is a virtual description.

  • If an item arrives with shipping damage please hold the item, be sure to retain all packing materials, and contact us immediately. In most cases we will refund the entire purchase amount and cover all the shipping charges both ways.

  • All international sales are final. No returns on international sales.

  • We work very hard at providing our customers with the most enjoyable experience. We want to continue to sell hard to find guitars and be a source for the item you want. Lets keep honesty in our lives and our dealings.