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    Our AXN™ Sunset Strip™ Model 2 Guitar replicates with finite detail an electric guitar that would have been used by a rocker at the height of 1980s Metal. It will be an instrument that emulates with absolute detailed accuracy the look, the tone, the hardware, the spirit and the style of a guitar worn by an 80's Rocker.

I am the only guitar maker that knows the accurate neck shapes, neck profiles and detailed guitar specifications used by the famous players in that time... the 1980s. and those finite details are in my guitars. You can get close or you can get an AXN™.Johnny Owner AXN™ Guitars

Every AXN™ Model 2 Guitar Guitar is fantastically original having its own appeal. Every AXN™ Sunset Strip™ will be a true work of art.

Our Sunset Strip™ guitars will be unique for each run of 5 guitars. Echoing familiar and attractive timepieces from an era of 1980s creativity. We change it up often with a variety of paint, graphics and styles. We've pulled from our experiences and many great memories to reincarnate a guitar that would have existed then!

Back in the day certain pickups, tremolos and brand styles were prevalent. Players lusted after sexy-flashy guitars made to do one thing... ROCK...To be strategically authentic, the details of an AXN™ Sunset Strip™ Guitar will mirror exactly the headstock and body shapes that existed in the 1980s. The AXN™ Team has pushed into our recipe many unknown and forgotten details.

Our AXN™ SS is a Special Edition Model 2 Guitar and includes very subtle modern improvements such as AXN™ Boutique Sustain Blocks, the highest quality hand chosen AAA-grade woods, convenient input jack and a reduced control cavity size keeping the guitars precious body wood. Lest we forget, that 1980s style oil finish on the back of the neck.

Every AXN™ Guitar I manufacture is a work of art, an exercise of my memory and a feat of engineering excellence. My guitars are truly hand made instruments with the reliability of a new guitar thats made in the USA. You can get close or you can get an AXN™.

Thank You for your interest and best wishes!




The Hollywood Sunset Strip

Just Some Sidewalk Between The Whisky and Gazzarri's... That Reached out Beyond is boundries

[ read a full story of the Hollywood Strip here ]

We would have saved for it. We would have begged for it, borrowed and spent our girlfriends hard earned cash for it.

A crazed youth bent on having that big break. On any given night he could be found hanging around one of the Hollywood clubs that now hold legendary status. He would probably be passing out band flyers to all the girls roaming The Strip. His only guitar would be a guitar thats every shape and contour would forever symbolize the de·bauch·er·y of 1980s Metal. This is who we were.

At the tail end of the prolific punk scene was to begin this historic and epic time of the L.A. Glam Metal Era. In 1986-to-1991 rockers filled the streets on a very short stretch of sidewalk between the Whisky-A-Go-Go and Gazzarri's. The Sunset Strip was colonized by metal bands coming from all parts of the USA looking for that big break and creating a vibrant scene for hard rock music. It was in these four or five years that The Sunset Strip in Hollywood California had the whole worlds attention.

Everyone was sure the mystique of Hollywood Glam Metal music and its appeal would live on and live on. A philosopher once said “All good things must come to an end” ...and end it did. The day the Seattle scene took over seems now to be obvious. Some even seek to persuade that the excesses and extremes of the LA Glam Metal genre should have ended a decade before.

All said, the word AUTHENTIC is not strong enough. Back in the day we had rock star swagger, looked the part, and had the chops to go with it. Running through our veins was a dream. That dream which was attainable... "to make it big" 

Then, a young rocker could only afford himself only one real guitar. That guitar would mirror an AXN™ Sunset Strip™ Guitar.