AXN™ Guitars - Secrets to A One Humbucker Only Guitar Pt. 1

At AXN™ Guitars we believe that for hard rock music the single humbucker guitar can be an important guitar to have in your arsenal. As a matter of fact we believe that a single humbucker guitar is the ONLY guitar you need on stage if you play hard rock.

After decades of experimenting, testing R&D and live performance trials we have perfected the right formula making that sparkling clean sound and a balls-to-the-wall metal tone achievable.

The answer is achieving what we call “headroom” ( A definition of Headroom ). Headroom is achieved from the right combination of quality humbucker pickup, awesome 500k volume pot and a robust wiring system.

Some things we do to achieve the perfect tone from a single humbucker is very small control cavity and pickup routing to keep precious tone-wood and our AXN™ Electronics Grounding System so your Humbucker sings at maximum. Completely shielded electronics cavities and a 500k Bourns volume pot and now Aerospace Mil Spec M27500 wire/rope throughout the guitar.

We also utilize a custom sophisticated AXN™ Adjustable Treble Bleed Circuit that keeps just the right amount of mid-tones, treble and cleans when you back off the volume and back-out distortion. Thats why theres no need for a neck pickup when you perform hard rock-n-roll music.

In future articles we will reveal some more subtle details about our AXN™ Guitars and the secrets to a one humbucker only guitar. We do have a reference page with more information here AXN™ Tone Secrets.

Photos - ( Aerospace Grade Mil Spec M27500 wiring & A Bourns 500K Volume pot with our Treble Bleed Circuit )