AXN™ Guitars Made In THE USA

We manufacture new guitars that look old. From our studio in California we've created you a new AXN™ Guitar. With tons of character and individuality this AXN™ will arrive beautifully aged as if its served you well on stage for decades. You and your AXN™ are a perfect match with every day spent together bringing you ever so much closer.

We make guitars that do one thing ... ROCK ...and every AXN™ does this extraordinarily well.

An AXN™ is a boutique guitar manufactured by hand in the USA. With our own eyes we pick choice raw exotic woods from local suppliers from which to manufacture our guitars. We create less than 100 instruments a year each appealing to our own very discerning appetite. Take a minute to compare. You will easily differentiate an AXN™ from the others.


From initial design, research and development to final hardware and appointments, we are artists who take pride in every precise detail. We utilize old-school methods to manufacture premium guitars ourselves without using CNC machines. Express your individuality. Get an AXN™.

We know you grab first for the guitar with which you truly connect. The guitar that defines your unique identity as a player and ignites a renewed feeling of excitement. Your new AXN™ will become your number one go-to guitar... Because you rock!

We age our very artful looking guitars knowing that you will bond with the instrument and introduce your fingerprint to its cosmetic appeal. After you add a couple more scratches and dings, a few more hours of playwear to the already relic'd fretboard, and plop four or five more stickers to the back of the body it will be Your Signature Model. For that reason each AXN™ Guitar is unique.

Passion, knowledge, history and swagger all contribute to the production of a high-end instrument that you can't find anywhere else. We have unleashed that holy grail tone that every rocker is in search of.

Your AXN™ guitar will arrive ready to use live whether you are performing a set at your next home town bar-b-que or headlining a gig at Madison Square Garden. After which your unique AXN™ guitar can go right back to hanging on the wall to for you to enjoy again and again. 

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