This was a run of 5 guitars. The first two went to an artist and those two guitars are being used live as a main and a backup. We manufactured the five total… this one was made with a Flamey Maple wood neck. This one #05/05 was also was manufactured special to be stocked in our online store also at online retail locations for purchase.

  • Floyd Rose + AXN™SuperWide PLUS Block

  • 2019 AXN™ Guitar MADE IN USA

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee !!

  • One year manufacturers' warranty

  • Reverse Headstock Maple Fretboard

  • Neck : Flamey Maple with Oil Finish

  • Nut : Floyd Rose 1-11/16" - R10

  • Fretboard : Quartersawn Maple AXN™ relic

  • Neck Shape : AXN™ Standard

  • Neck Profile : AXN™ Standard

  • Fretboard Radius : 15"

  • Frets : AXN™ = Dunlop 6000

  • Body Wood : Maple 2-piece center joined Mahogany

  • Paint Color : AXN™ No-Clearcoat

  • Nut : New Floyd Rose R10 15” radius

  • Sustain Block : AXN™ SuperWide™ PLUS 42mm

  • Pickup : NOS Jackson J-80 Alnico 13oHms

  • Volume : Bourns 500K

  • Wiring : Mil 27500 Miltary Grade

  • AXN™ Adjustable Treble Bleed Circuit

  • Tuners : Gotoh Reverse Premium

  • Scale : 25.5"

  • Gig Bag Included


We are happy to announce that our flagship sustain block is now for retail sale. You can buy direct and save $$ here >>

Manufactured and Machined by hand IN THE USA - 42mm Size Block

  • MANUFACTURED IN THE USA by an Aerospace machine shop

  • Up-To 7X the size of Floyd Rose® blocks

  • Unimaginable gains in sustain and whammy bar effect

  • Perfect weight for creative soloing antics

  • Manufactured in the USA from prime American metals

  • Based off the original EVH 5150 sustain block

  • Modern Metallurgy used during research and development

  • Exclusive feature of our AXN™ Custom Guitars and now available to you!

  • Easy To Install

  • ONLY available in size 42mm ( for the biggest block and the biggest tone )

Dragons - AXN™ Guitars Sneak Peak

Heres what we have been cooking up at AXN™ Guitars. Now this one is off to get a photoshoot…This Dragon guitar is #01/03. The second one delivered in march 2019 to happy AXN™ customer Tommy D!!

  • AXN™ Standard Neck Profile

  • 1981 D100 Dimarzio Super Distortion ( vintage )

  • Mahogany Neck

  • Rosewood Fretboard

  • Prime Alder 2-piece center-joined body

  • Painted Dragon Artwork

  • Crackle Purple Paint on back

  • New Floyd Rose

  • AXN™ SuperWide™ Sustain Block

  • AXN™ Custom Treble Bleed Circuit

  • JEL Pearl Gotoh Tuners

  • Hard Relic

AXN™ Guitars Video - Typical Build 2019


AXN™ Guitars Video - Typical Build 2019

What do we stand for and what is an AXN™ Guitar About?

Today we have shown parts of our daily routine in this 42 second AXN™ Guitars Video Short.

At AXN™ Guitars we execute every step of manufacturing a guitar with a sure hand. Our mentors were those great luthiers from the 1980s and before. It is from them we learned the secrets to manufacturing an electric guitar the old-school way. Some of which we have chronicled here >> AXN™ Tone Secrets

For us sorting through raw guitar tone-woods is exciting. Picking maple wood for the guitar in this video is an excellent example of some good times!

The AXN™ Model2 guitar in the above video was manufactured from prime woods. Every AXN™ surpasses by far the quality of any production line guitar! 

If you give a closer look you can see that we made this AXN™ guitar body from 2 pieces of center-joined white maple. A design that creates robust tone. 

The AXN™ guitar neck in this video we manufactured from extremely flamed or tiger striped maple wood. The white mother of pearl fret markers with our unique AXN™ fretboard relic-ing and perfect fretwork creates a true work of art.

After finishing this new AXN™ becomes an aged guitar. The video footage demonstrates the transformation from new-to-aged.

At the end of this video is our AXN™ Guitar in all its glory. With our proprietary  AXN™ SuperWide™ Sustain Block and a new German made Tremolo - our AXN™ Guitars deliver the Ultimate Floyd Rose experience.

The result is a tone-monster. This guitar produces a huge bottom end with articulate highs and excellent mid range attack. With a hard wood like white maple the “snappy-ness” of the string is such that this guitar achieves near-endless sustain. Since our guitars don’t have traditional tone-killing clear coat every note sings on and on forever.

So there we have it. One example of a 2019 build here at AXN™ Guitars. That said, every guitar we manufacture is hand made just one guitar at a time. Of course, all our guitars are manufactured in the USA… You Can Get Close or You Can Get an AXN™ 

Please view our AXN™ Guitars Available for Purchase Page

Photo Gallery - AXN™-83' STANDARD GUITAR

Celebrate The Magic of Made in USA Guitars 2019

Join us in celebrating not just our AXN™ guitars but all the other small USA guitar shops that are putting out instruments that make a difference. Guitars that are built out of love of the awesome woods, frets and pickups. Let us all in 2019 celebrate the magic of a superbly manufactured RockNRoll guitar.

AXN™ Guitars - Attention to Every Small detail

With equal parts inspiration, perspiration and preparation.

Our AXN™ guitars are hand made works of art. They have a level of accuracy and inspirational quality that is far beyond the standard. Every piece of wood is the best tone-wood available. We get our hands dirty here in the USA and manufacture these guitar the old school way! Every ding, every dent, scratch and imperfection is positioned precisely.

AXN™ Guitars.. got some Branding going on

comin down the pike..more... Made In USA guitars
by AXN™ Guitars

AXN™ Guitars - Secrets to A One Humbucker Only Guitar Pt. 1

At AXN™ Guitars we believe that for hard rock music the single humbucker guitar can be an important guitar to have in your arsenal. As a matter of fact we believe that a single humbucker guitar is the ONLY guitar you need on stage if you play hard rock.

After decades of experimenting, testing R&D and live performance trials we have perfected the right formula making that sparkling clean sound and a balls-to-the-wall metal tone achievable.

The answer is achieving what we call “headroom” ( A definition of Headroom ). Headroom is achieved from the right combination of quality humbucker pickup, awesome 500k volume pot and a robust wiring system.

Some things we do to achieve the perfect tone from a single humbucker is very small control cavity and pickup routing to keep precious tone-wood and our AXN™ Electronics Grounding System so your Humbucker sings at maximum. Completely shielded electronics cavities and a 500k Bourns volume pot and now Aerospace Mil Spec M27500 wire/rope throughout the guitar.

We also utilize a custom sophisticated AXN™ Adjustable Treble Bleed Circuit that keeps just the right amount of mid-tones, treble and cleans when you back off the volume and back-out distortion. Thats why theres no need for a neck pickup when you perform hard rock-n-roll music.

In future articles we will reveal some more subtle details about our AXN™ Guitars and the secrets to a one humbucker only guitar. We do have a reference page with more information here AXN™ Tone Secrets.

Photos - ( Aerospace Grade Mil Spec M27500 wiring & A Bourns 500K Volume pot with our Treble Bleed Circuit )

AXN™ Mr. Scary Guitar Final #02 of two

for sale here>>>

Two AXN™ Guitars were made with this artwork which is very very time consuming and the art and relic is more detailed than George Lynch’s original. This is the Last One we will manufacture and discontinued. This guitar requires 2X the production hours than most of our AXN™ Guitars. No corners were cut. Every aspect of this guitar has the highest grade and highest accuracy to the original Mr.Scary. Much better quality guitar than the original Kramer Pacer.

We’ve included a new Floyd Rose made in Germany complete system with our AXN™ SuperWide™ sustain block for the ultimate Floyd Rose experience and tone! This ones got an accurate Holy Grail Kramer Banana headstock and the most collectible vintage Seymour Duncan JB wound in 1985 by Juarez.. just like George used!

  • This was the guitar AXN™ on display at various trade shows worldwide

  • Final AXN™ with this artwork

  • AXN™ Model 2 Guitar

  • This guitar has George Lynch's playing
    preferences from 1985. Specifications taken
    from this guitar 1985 Kramer Kamikaze

  • Hand Painted Graphics

  • Bridge - NEW 1984 Floyd Rose Tremolo Made In Germany Tremolo

  • With one of our 2018 AXN™ SuperWide™ Sustain Block - the ultimate sustain

  • Vintage 1985 Seymour Duncan JBJ Pickup - ( 300$+ value ) collectable pickup

  • Controls - Perfectly Placed Volume Knob

  • Bourns 500K with custom Treble Bleed Circuit

  • Rosewood Neck / Walnut Skunk Stripe

  • Prime Alder 2-Piece Body Center Joined

  • AXN™ Banana Headstock

  • 1985 Kamikaze Prototype Neck Profile

  • Fretboard - CUSTOM radius

  • Fret Size CUSTOM

  • Truss Rod - Dual Acting

  • Scale 25.5"

  • Gig Bag Included

  • Finish Custom ART - Relic'd

AXN™ SuperWide™ Sustain Block & ONLY made in Germany Floyds!

October 3, 2018

Scottsdale Arizona — AXN™ made in USA Guitars uses an intuitive design approach taking from both modern and vintage ideas. For example the back of our AXN™ Model 2 guitar has a custom size tremolo cavity hole. It is a precise fit for our humongous AXN™ Sustain Block yet does not lose precious guitar tone-wood. We coupled our sustain block with a new German Floyd Rose Tremolo for the Ultimate Floyd Rose Experience.

* ONLY New Germany Made Floyd Rose

* AXN™ SuperWide™ USA Made Sustain Block

* AXN™ Custom Designed Tremolo Cavity

* Ultimate Floyd Rose Experience

Our specialized AXN™ SuperWide™ Sustain Block is effectively five Times Larger than a standard Floyd Rose sustain block. Every AXN™ Model 2 guitar comes standard with a new Floyd Rose tremolo fitted with our AXN™ SuperWide™ Sustain block. These features add up to a guitar with unmatched resonance, clarity and sustain delivering a Floyd Rose Experience like no other guitar. 

Our AXN™ Guitars as well as our AXN™ Sustain Blocks are made in the United States of America. In addition every Floyd Rose tremolo we put on our AXN™s are made in Germany Floyds! You can get close or you can get an AXN™.

AXN™ Fall 2018 Line Up * Lower Price Point * Zero Sacrifices *

September 30, 2018

Corona California — AXN™ Guitars - manufactured in USA, has made its name in a niche circle of very discerning guitar enthusiasts. The company has its sights set on expanding its demographic.

“We’re trying to cater to everyone in the world with the same interests in guitars. People with an interest in the 1980s era of hard rock music” said Johnny founder AXN™ Guitars the designer and luthier behind the family-operated brand. 

To accomplish this, Johnny and AXN™ Guitars has introduced a more financially accessible collection of guitars, in the hope of attracting additional U.S. and international buyers. The brand currently retails online direct at and with a few guitars in just a handful of small boutique guitars shops internationally, and on online at

“We want to have more people knowing AXN™ as having some level of affordability not just offering super-high quality and super-high innovation that carries with it a high price tag”.

“ Many people already understand profit margins are very low when you build made in USA instruments and don’t cut corners. With the super-high cost of woods, hardware, electronics and everything else surrounding making guitars in the United States many musicians are familiar with watching small builders struggle against cheap import guitars from china and elsewhere.”

“I believe getting a real instrument in the hand of the working musician and seeing these guitars being played live in small clubs or just enjoyed by my customers in their homes offers a certain amount of satisfaction for me at this point in my life.” “I don’t care if we make 12 guitars a year or 25, 50 guitars whatever… I am not in this to to make a million bucks.” “I’m doing this because i have some knowledge i would like to share that no one else in the world possesses.”

“I’m also doing this for self-satisfaction, I want this stuff to be great because its got my name on it.” said Johnny.

Most of the updates to the product line this year center around standardizing specifications. For example, previously, all of the AXN™ models featured different AAA grade woods that were purchased in small quantities. “With the addition of a suitable climate controlled warehouse facility we’ve been able to buy raw materials in much larger amounts. In addition we entered into relationships with just a few pickup and hardware makers and guaranteed them a certain amount of turnover. Also, we’ve expanded our manufacturing capability at my ranch in Arizona by investing in a steel building and just a few old school machines. Now that were off the ground, I’ve got my kids working with us. Also I’m proud to say we still don’t use CNC machines which I know creates sterile guitars like we are seeing from the big brands.” “Everything at AXN™ is done the old-school way. We are doing it now in both California and Arizona using classic time proven old-school guitar manufacturing techniques.”

Fans of the AXN™ aesthetic needn’t fret, as the fall 2018 line of AXN™ Guitars is garnering an influx of compliments and high-fives from rockers all over the world. Some are famous guitar guys that all fans of the 1980s recognize, yet most are just average family men and serious musicians admiring that 80s look and attitude. The AXN™ line now will have a enough variety in price for everyone to get a truly hand made USA manufactured boutique guitar.

AXN™ Guitars Artwork Designs Fall 2018

AXN™ Guitars Introduces Artwork Exactly Replicated from the 1980s Original vintage guitars


September 3, 2018

Scottsdale, Arizona - After collecting 1980s guitars with cool 1980s artwork for 30+ years Johnny from AXN™ Guitars has replicated the exact artwork directly from a select few guitars. These will appear in the amount of 5 ( five ) AXN™ Guitars for each design. Due for release in fall 2018 and early 2019.

“In regards to the artwork. I’ve chosen three new designs to replicate exactly. I have two old Kramer Neptune New Jersey guitars that are unique. One of the designs, a pink checkered squares design, was painted by an old friend and Kramer employee in 1981 at one of the after hours sessions to get overtime hours at the old Kramer factory in New Jersey“ 

“The second design i added was an original 1983 Charvel Manufacturing American Flag Graphic. I felt that now was a good time to make 5 guitars with that USA graphic to show my patriotism and love for the USA! I own the original 1983 Charvel USA flag guitar to this day and my AXN™ art is an exact duplicate!“ 

“I’ve also now perfected the shape of our AXN™ Model-83’ body. I’m offering that Holy Grail guitar as a non-relic. I’ve outsourced the Kramer type primer paintwork to an expert. Its now got the same color and paint formula used on the original 1983 Baretta. Of course every detail of my AXN™ Model-83‘ matches its Kramer 1983 counterpart. That said, the build quality of our USA AXN™ Model-83’ is much better than the original and has the exact banana headstock shape that everyone wants”

Johnny noted that every AXN™ Guitar body is manufactured in the USA from prime 2-piece and center joined exotic woods. Also ALL our guitars are FREE of tone robbing clear coat and under paint fillers.

“ I’m hand picking the best of the best tonewoods. This year AAA-grade Maple, White Maple, Swamp Ash, Mahogany, White Ash and Korina will be used on all our bodies.”

Lastly Johnny added.

“We’ve expanded our manufacturing shop. The expansion was basically due to the fact that early in 2018 we could not meet the demand for custom ordered guitars. Therefore, there was a decrease of in-stock guitars ready for immediate purchase. Now we are doing everything we can to increase  available and in-stock guitars that stay posted on our Available Guitars web page” .

( see attached photos:  press-artwork-fall-2018.jpgs )

AXN™ Guitars has Expanded

July 19, 2018

I am very proud to announce that my company AXN™ Guitars has taken a leap forward with an expanded new facility located in Arizona USA. There will be no CNC machines because these create sterile guitars. Yet, with the addition of some new machinery, the extra workspace and a bit of rocket science, we plan to provide the best level of hand craftsmanship possible in every instrument! 

We will continue  to manufacture our guitars the OLD-SCHOOL way using old-school methods just like those two name brands did in the 1950sand 1960s. This video shows the newly completed building on my ranch in Arizona USA. This is where my AXN™ Guitars will get all the creative tweaks to the wood everyone is talking about. It will also host a design and demo department where I will spend many hours dissecting guitars and performing R&D in a live musical environment.

Best Wishes to all, Johnny - AXN™ Guitars

California and Arizona USA