Brad Gillis Fernandes Wiring Diagram and SB-3000 Booster Installation Instructions

The SB-3000 Fernandes Booster

This was developed by Fernandes Research Group. The square metal plate fits over a standard Stratocaster input jackhole for strats with a top mount input jack. There were two different logos printed on these. The first was the early Fernandes Logo. The later version logo was introduced on the rectangular metal input jack plate around 1985.

The down position on the toggle overrides the boost and gives no mid-boost. The toggle position up gives a small amount of mid boost. There is an EQ adjustment in the back of the unit as can be seen in the photos.

The SB-3000 is used during guitar soloing. It can be used for other purposes with experimentation. But its for use during a guitar solo to offer peak sustain. The SB-3000 was Fernandess first exploraion of a boost circuit and pre-dates the Fernandes sustainer.

It can work very well but older units can become noisy in a live environment. Properly adjusted it works like a charm and is very similiar to a Jackson Charvel JE-1000 Treble boost

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