AXN™ Fall 2018 Line Up * Lower Price Point * Zero Sacrifices *

September 30, 2018

Corona California — AXN™ Guitars - manufactured in USA, has made its name in a niche circle of very discerning guitar enthusiasts. The company has its sights set on expanding its demographic.

“We’re trying to cater to everyone in the world with the same interests in guitars. People with an interest in the 1980s era of hard rock music” said Johnny founder AXN™ Guitars the designer and luthier behind the family-operated brand. 

To accomplish this, Johnny and AXN™ Guitars has introduced a more financially accessible collection of guitars, in the hope of attracting additional U.S. and international buyers. The brand currently retails online direct at and with a few guitars in just a handful of small boutique guitars shops internationally, and on online at

“We want to have more people knowing AXN™ as having some level of affordability not just offering super-high quality and super-high innovation that carries with it a high price tag”.

“ Many people already understand profit margins are very low when you build made in USA instruments and don’t cut corners. With the super-high cost of woods, hardware, electronics and everything else surrounding making guitars in the United States many musicians are familiar with watching small builders struggle against cheap import guitars from china and elsewhere.”

“I believe getting a real instrument in the hand of the working musician and seeing these guitars being played live in small clubs or just enjoyed by my customers in their homes offers a certain amount of satisfaction for me at this point in my life.” “I don’t care if we make 12 guitars a year or 25, 50 guitars whatever… I am not in this to to make a million bucks.” “I’m doing this because i have some knowledge i would like to share that no one else in the world possesses.”

“I’m also doing this for self-satisfaction, I want this stuff to be great because its got my name on it.” said Johnny.

Most of the updates to the product line this year center around standardizing specifications. For example, previously, all of the AXN™ models featured different AAA grade woods that were purchased in small quantities. “With the addition of a suitable climate controlled warehouse facility we’ve been able to buy raw materials in much larger amounts. In addition we entered into relationships with just a few pickup and hardware makers and guaranteed them a certain amount of turnover. Also, we’ve expanded our manufacturing capability at my ranch in Arizona by investing in a steel building and just a few old school machines. Now that were off the ground, I’ve got my kids working with us. Also I’m proud to say we still don’t use CNC machines which I know creates sterile guitars like we are seeing from the big brands.” “Everything at AXN™ is done the old-school way. We are doing it now in both California and Arizona using classic time proven old-school guitar manufacturing techniques.”

Fans of the AXN™ aesthetic needn’t fret, as the fall 2018 line of AXN™ Guitars is garnering an influx of compliments and high-fives from rockers all over the world. Some are famous guitar guys that all fans of the 1980s recognize, yet most are just average family men and serious musicians admiring that 80s look and attitude. The AXN™ line now will have a enough variety in price for everyone to get a truly hand made USA manufactured boutique guitar.