PRESS RELEASE : AXN™ SuperWide™ Sustain Block

PRESS RELEASE : AXN™ SuperWide™ Sustain Block

Published on Feb 28, 2018

We are happy to announce the success of our AXN™ SuperWide™ Sustain Block part of our Disruptor™ brand of products.

The first prototype run of AXN™ SuperWide™ Sustain Blocks, which is machined from a well tested exotic metal, have arrived and are pictured in the promotional video. Our 2018 AXN™ Guitars are designed to accepted these humongous very tone-full blocks.These sustain blocks are made for Rock!

AXN™ Disruptor Sustain Blocks are much thicker. Branded as SuperWide™ The AXN Sustain Blocks we designed for our 2018 line of boutique hand made AXN™Guitars ( ) are effectively 5X the size of a stock Floyd Rose blocks. Thay are 3X-4X as Large as an upgrade fat Big Block Floyd Rose brass sustain block. They are the perfect design incorporating the perfect specifications, weight and dimensions for the ultimate whammy experience.

No matter what other manufacturers say a fatter, thicker, machined metal AXN™ BIG block equals out to more frequency control than those "cast" thin metal blocks. ALL the other sustain blocks are rubbish made in China from poor quality import metals.

We studied the metal characteristics of a famous Floyd Rose vintage tremolo and analyzed its meturallurgical details. Using modern methods our blocks are machined from one-piece metal alloy in the USA. Don't waste your time with any other brand. Get an AXN™ Disruptor™ Sustain Block.