Kramer Motley Crue Mick Mars Telecaster - Observations

Kramer Mick Mars Telecaster

Kramer Mick Mars Telecaster

Hello this Johnny from In this post we are observing the details of this authentic Kramer 1990 Mick Mars Telecaster. A Mick Mars Tele manufactured by Kramer and in pristine condition showing its Neptune NJ neckplate. Very interesting vintage guitar with unique features that have Mick's playing preferences from the 1980s. I made the decision to pull this guitar from stock and make it ready for sale. I’ve also taken these photos with my iPhone and shared them with you. Thats why I’m called The SENSEI OF VINTAGE 1980'S GUITARS 先生.

During the time i have owned this one i have intricately examined it with great detail and recorded every specification of this guitar accurately on paper notes. Every question a guitar luthier would ask about this Mick Mars Kramer I have answered and documented with white glove reverence. Notes that I may use in the future and details i will share with you now.

This 1990 Kramer Mick Mars guitar is from the run of guitars manufactured by Kramer during the late 1980s and during the period that print advertisements featuring Mick Mars and his Kramer Guitars were circulated to major publications by Kramer Neptune New Jersey.

Kramer Neptune NewJersey had no log and no records exist indicating how many of these collectible Kramers were manufactured. Yet Mick did play these. You can see Mick Mars using his Kramer with Motley Crue if you check for The Moscow Peace festival footage on YouTube.

I might update this thread periodically with more info so everyone please check back.

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Best Wishes Johnny The SENSEI OF VINTAGE 1980'S GUITARS 先生.