Fernandes ST-155BG Brad Gillis Signature Guitar

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Fernandes and Brad Gillis have both stated that 100 guitars were manufactured that matched the guitar he used live in 1984. That would be the ST155BG Fernandes.

Fernandes also produced many Model ST-120BG guitars that were identical to the ST-155BG except for a few things.

This is one of 100 guitars produced!

We have never seen an ST-155BG in person that was unmodified. This is the first one we have owned in absolute original factory condition.

Every other Fernandes Brad Gillis we've seen in this great of condition was a model ST120BG.

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includes a complete breakdown and inspection of every element of the guitar. This includes breakdown and cleaning of the tremolo bridge and inspection of all parts!!

Entire guitar will be delivered 100% like a new guitar with a certificate of Authenticity.

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