1985 ESP M1 Custom Neck Through Guitar


This is an ESP M1 Custom and a factory original 1985 guitar and made in Japan. It was manufactured during a period for ESP when they were trying to make a departure from manufacturing clones of Fender and Gibson guitars and transition to their own models in the mid 1980s. This one was sold at the famous 48th street ESP guitar store in New York. It has the original factory installed ESP LH-200 Pickup and the original ESP wiring! ESP also went the extra mile and the inner control cavities have a great coat of shielding paint to block our radio interference.

One cool feature is the little silver 2-way switch/mini-toggle next to the volume knob which causes the pickup to be wired directly to the input jack overriding the volume pot completely. When this type wiring is employed the direct connection causes just a few more oHms from the humbucker to arrive to your amp and when playing makes 100% sure your humbucker volume is on full through the whole song which i love because i always have the tendency to accidentally roll the volume off without knowing at live shows.. Also, the volume pot has an accurate date code of 1985.

The guitar is a neck-through guitar which features a maple neck that goes through the body- with swamp ash body wings. The construction is the very famous ESP neckthrough type. The tremolo is a 1985 ESP Sinclair bridge. These Sinclair bridges were made from very awesome hardened steel, were built like a tank with excellent tone, and the Sinclair must have been too costly for ESP to continue on with because after a couple years the design disappeared from ESP offerings.

One of the photos included in this thread shows our notes indicating fretboard radius and neck shape at the 1st and 12lth fret. A very unique shred profile that basically has a specification that makes the neck very close to the same shape all the way up and down. Equalling out to a super-fast neck shape. The LH-200 ESP humbucker gave a reading in the 9 oHms range making it a verified Gibson EVH PAF clone. The LH-200 pickup is said to be the most popular Humbucker in Japan. The guitar is a shred monster with great tone and very awesome playability. The body carve at the neck’s 24rth fret gives you the ultimate access to the higher frets much more than I’ve seen on almost any shred guitar. If you can play in the higher register its very un-inhibiting. The neck on this guitar feels ultra-long when your jammin on this dream guitar.