1983 Kramer Holy Grail Baretta

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1983 Kramer Holy Grail Baretta


This is a 1983 Kramer Holy Grail Baretta

Serial # is C3XXX


For 30 years I have collected Kramer and ESP Guitars. My detailed knowledge of ESP ( Electric Sound Products ) is accentuated by the fact that our shop has sold more Kramers,  Holy Grail Barettas and ESP guitars than any other. For decades I have painstakingly noted details, measurements and specifications from the best-of-the-best vintage guitars. Today we use this information along with many other techniques to manufacture our AXN™  Guitars.

My friends that make a living as guitar technicians and roadies in Los Angeles have worked for the professionals for years. They have helped in my quest to manufacture the perfect rock-n-roll instrument. A guitar that is created as a tool to help players perform better in a live environment.

My friends, luthiers, guitar collectors and associates, both in Japan and the USA, truly want to dispel the rumors that have been floating around. These rumors have facilitated much false and mis-information. The inaccuracies only confuse the important issues.

We at AXN™ Guitars hope to give those of you that love vintage 1980s guitars fresh and accurate information. We all deserve this. As well, we are sincere in our quest to manufacture modern guitars that revive and re-ignite your interest in practicing this instrument - the electric guitar.

We also believe in hard rock! We like old pre-1980s music but we are hard rockers that respect guitarists with true talent on the electric guitar. We grew up in an era, unlike today,  when rockers had swagger, looked the part, and had the chops to go with it.

Let us all be on the same team!
Johnny - AXN™  Guitars

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