1981 Floyd Rose Tremolo Non Locking Tremolo

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1981 Floyd Rose Tremolo Non Locking Tremolo


Manufactured in Late 1981 Collectors Item Floyd Rose
Strings Through The Bottom Of The Factory Block




This tremolo was manufactured in 1981 in the later part of the year. This would be one of the first incarnations of Mr. Floyd Rose's now famous tremolo that went into large scale production. It was made in Japan and it pre-dates the time when Floyd Rose product was made in Germany. There are many rumors about this actual Floyd Rose model. That said, this version is thenon-fine tuner and non-locking type. These were manufactured with a brass sustain block which authenticates it as a 1981 made tremolo.

This tremolo has the exact same post spacing as a modern Floyd Rose. It can be drop in replacement for any Floyd Rose equipped guitar. Since its non-locking you would just need to string through the sustain block just like a stratocaster tremolo thus eliminating the need to cut the ball ends off your strings. Great design for many Floyd Rose users who hate to cut their strings.

  • collectors item

  • cosmetic wear

  • excellent condition

  • no tremolo bar included

  • 100% perfect operating condition


  • Type - Non-Locking

  • Year - Manufactured in 1981

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