We created a guitar boutique concerned only with guitars of true significance. Each item being excellent in its own right. The AlienXnation™ Guitar Boutique is for those of us that can appreciate and express our own individuality.

Our DISRUPTOR™ Product line is made up of products that deliver exceptional results. We are a builder of boutique electric guitars. As renown collectors, players, guitar enthusiasts and luthiers we are constantly in pursuit of the ultimate tone. The tone we are referring to and the tone we are evaluating is that of an modern electric guitar meant for hard rock that is amplified and projected within a live concert venue.

Constantly scrutinized by our team, each DISRUPTOR™ product is a tool that can be used to create, alter, modify adjust or tweak the subtle detail(s) of an amplified electric guitar sound. We don't cut corners. We don't offer sub-quality products at reduced or low prices. There are other places to shop for low quality gear.

At The AlienXnation™ Guitar Boutique we do our best to offer affordability. Yet, we only launch superior top-tier products under the brand names AXN™ and DISRUPTOR™. Their uniqueness and individuality stands for what we believe in. We know thats what you believe in. We hope you will enjoy the difference. We know our products are better by far and so will you once you use them.