My AXN™ Sunset Strip™ Guitar is 100% true to the memory of the LA Hollywood Sunset Strip Club Scene. With emphasis placed on authenticity I have designed this limited edition guitar. It mirrors a guitar that would have been coveted by a rock-n-roll rebel in the formative years of the Hollywood Sunset Strip. My time on The Strip is explained briefly here. That time will forever define how I perceive the world.

Johnny - AXN™ Guitars

AXN™ Sunset Strip™ with an officially licensed Stratocaster® headstock

AXN™ Sunset Strip™ with an officially licensed Stratocaster® headstock

AXN™ Sunset Strip™ guitars are a Limited Editions and availability may be sporadic. This year we are delivering five guitars worldwide to select boutique guitar shops. We keep a few AXN™ Sunset Strip™ guitars for sale here >> AXN™ Sunset Strip™ Guitar

Our AXN™ Sunset Strip will be a guitar that replicates with every finite detail a guitar that would or could have been used by a rocker at the height of LA Metal. It will be an instrument that emulates with absolute accuracy the look, the tone, the hardware, the style and the spirit of a guitar worn by an 80's Hollywood Rocker. The AXN™ Sunset Strip™ is a Limited Edition AXN™ Model 2 Guitar.

Over the last number of months a few minor refinements have been incorporated to further enhance the authenticity of our Sunset Strip™.

Back in the day certain pickups, tremolos, body shapes and brand styles were prevalent. To be strategically authentic the headstocks of all AXN™ Sunset Strip™ Guitars will mirror what existed then. That period of the 80's ( 1986-1990 ) was a time of "Strat-mania" as we call it. That means everyone wanted a Strat or what was later defined as a "SuperStrat".

We manufacture each  AXN™ Sunset Strip™ Guitar to pull from the heritage of many great vintage guitars. The AXN™ Team has pushed into our recipe many forgotten details. No other guitar manufacturer will be able to replicate our formula.

Some guy recently said to us " Dude, Thats Exactly How I Remember A Guitar From The Late 80s Period of L.A. Metal ".


Strat® headstocks

In California in the late 1980s there were many Fender® Strat® headstock guitars in use by rockers. It was a time when if you were really cool you had a Floyd Rose Tremolo on a Strat. We occasionally create a Sunset Strip™ Series Guitar with a Strat® headstock to capture the authentic 1980s look. With the exception of Stratheads all other guitar necks we manufacture by hand in our shop. It is a fact that because of Fender® licensing issues we must use an officially licensed Stratocaster® headstock neck. The high cost of officially licenced necks, which we custom order to our specific specifications, results in the production of very few AXN™ guitars with this headstock.

 AXN™  Holy Grail Banana Headstocks

Our hand made Holy Grail Banana headstock replicates every sought after feature of a 1983 Kramer Holy Grail Baretta neck. During design and manufacturing we improved upon the original holy grail neck. All the while retaining the exact type of wood, style of manufacture, neck profile, neck girth, frets and fretboard radius used by Eddie Van Halen.

The Hollywood Sunset Strip Just Some Sidewalk Between The Whisky and Gazzarri's... That Reached out Beyond is boundries

We would have saved for it. We would have begged for it, borrowed and spent our girlfriends hard earned cash for it.

A crazed youth bent on having that big break. On any given night he could be found hanging around one of the Hollywood clubs that now hold legendary status. He would probably be passing out band flyers to all the girls roaming The Strip. His only guitar would be a guitar thats every shape and contour would forever symbolize the de·bauch·er·y of 1980s LA Metal. This is who we were.

At the tail end of the prolific punk scene was to begin this historic and epic time of the L.A. Glam Metal Era. In 1986-to-1991 rockers filled the streets on a very short stretch of sidewalk between the Whisky-A-Go-Go and Gazzarri's. The Sunset Strip was colonized by metal bands coming from all parts of the USA looking for that big break and creating a vibrant scene for hard rock music. It was in these four or five years that The Sunset Strip in Hollywood California had the whole worlds attention.

Everyone was sure the mystique of Hollywood Glam Metal music and its appeal would live on and live on. A philosopher once said “All good things must come to an end” ...and end it did. The day the Seattle scene took over seems now to be obvious. Some even seek to persuade that the excesses and extremes of the LA Glam Metal genre should have ended a decade before.

All said, the word AUTHENTIC is not strong enough. Back in the day we had rock star swagger, looked the part, and had the chops to go with it. Running through our veins was a dream. That dream which was attainable... "to make it big" 

Then, a young rocker could only afford himself only one real guitar. That guitar would mirror an AXN™ Sunset Strip™ Series Guitar.