AXN™ Guitars Video - Typical Build 2019


AXN™ Guitars Video - Typical Build 2019

What do we stand for and what is an AXN™ Guitar About?

Today we have shown parts of our daily routine in this 42 second AXN™ Guitars Video Short.

At AXN™ Guitars we execute every step of manufacturing a guitar with a sure hand. Our mentors were those great luthiers from the 1980s and before. It is from them we learned the secrets to manufacturing an electric guitar the old-school way. Some of which we have chronicled here >> AXN™ Tone Secrets

For us sorting through raw guitar tone-woods is exciting. Picking maple wood for the guitar in this video is an excellent example of some good times!

The AXN™ Model2 guitar in the above video was manufactured from prime woods. Every AXN™ surpasses by far the quality of any production line guitar! 

If you give a closer look you can see that we made this AXN™ guitar body from 2 pieces of center-joined white maple. A design that creates robust tone. 

The AXN™ guitar neck in this video we manufactured from extremely flamed or tiger striped maple wood. The white mother of pearl fret markers with our unique AXN™ fretboard relic-ing and perfect fretwork creates a true work of art.

After finishing this new AXN™ becomes an aged guitar. The video footage demonstrates the transformation from new-to-aged.

At the end of this video is our AXN™ Guitar in all its glory. With our proprietary  AXN™ SuperWide™ Sustain Block and a new German made Tremolo - our AXN™ Guitars deliver the Ultimate Floyd Rose experience.

The result is a tone-monster. This guitar produces a huge bottom end with articulate highs and excellent mid range attack. With a hard wood like white maple the “snappy-ness” of the string is such that this guitar achieves near-endless sustain. Since our guitars don’t have traditional tone-killing clear coat every note sings on and on forever.

So there we have it. One example of a 2019 build here at AXN™ Guitars. That said, every guitar we manufacture is hand made just one guitar at a time. Of course, all our guitars are manufactured in the USA… You Can Get Close or You Can Get an AXN™ 

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