AXN™ Guitars Artwork Designs Fall 2018

AXN™ Guitars Introduces Artwork Exactly Replicated from the 1980s Original vintage guitars


September 3, 2018

Scottsdale, Arizona - After collecting 1980s guitars with cool 1980s artwork for 30+ years Johnny from AXN™ Guitars has replicated the exact artwork directly from a select few guitars. These will appear in the amount of 5 ( five ) AXN™ Guitars for each design. Due for release in fall 2018 and early 2019.

“In regards to the artwork. I’ve chosen three new designs to replicate exactly. I have two old Kramer Neptune New Jersey guitars that are unique. One of the designs, a pink checkered squares design, was painted by an old friend and Kramer employee in 1981 at one of the after hours sessions to get overtime hours at the old Kramer factory in New Jersey“ 

“The second design i added was an original 1983 Charvel Manufacturing American Flag Graphic. I felt that now was a good time to make 5 guitars with that USA graphic to show my patriotism and love for the USA! I own the original 1983 Charvel USA flag guitar to this day and my AXN™ art is an exact duplicate!“ 

“I’ve also now perfected the shape of our AXN™ Model-83’ body. I’m offering that Holy Grail guitar as a non-relic. I’ve outsourced the Kramer type primer paintwork to an expert. Its now got the same color and paint formula used on the original 1983 Baretta. Of course every detail of my AXN™ Model-83‘ matches its Kramer 1983 counterpart. That said, the build quality of our USA AXN™ Model-83’ is much better than the original and has the exact banana headstock shape that everyone wants”

Johnny noted that every AXN™ Guitar body is manufactured in the USA from prime 2-piece and center joined exotic woods. Also ALL our guitars are FREE of tone robbing clear coat and under paint fillers.

“ I’m hand picking the best of the best tonewoods. This year AAA-grade Maple, White Maple, Swamp Ash, Mahogany, White Ash and Korina will be used on all our bodies.”

Lastly Johnny added.

“We’ve expanded our manufacturing shop. The expansion was basically due to the fact that early in 2018 we could not meet the demand for custom ordered guitars. Therefore, there was a decrease of in-stock guitars ready for immediate purchase. Now we are doing everything we can to increase  available and in-stock guitars that stay posted on our Available Guitars web page” .

( see attached photos:  press-artwork-fall-2018.jpgs )