AXN™ SuperWide™ Made in USA Sustain Blocks

Don't waste your time with any other brand. Get an AXN™.


Up-To 5X the size of Floyd Rose® blocks - Quadruple the sustain of aftermarket blocks

Our AXN™ Sustain Blocks are 100% manufactured in the USA from prime American metals. We re-incarnated a design based on the original 1980 big block Floyd Rose prototype tremolos. AXN™ Sustain Blocks are machined to exact tolerances by American Craftsman. ALL other sustain blocks are made in China rubbish.


We have extensively tested the metal properties of numerous modern alloys and an abundance of vintage sustain blocks to arrive at the formula we use to manufacture our blocks. There is a huge difference in resonance, tremolo performance, flutter, and whammy effect with our AXN™ product. We use AXN™ Sustain Blocks on our Model 2  AXN™ Boutique Guitars


AXN™ Disruptor Brand Boutique Sustain Blocks are NOT a "casting" or "casted".  They are hand machined from Prime USA Musical Grade Alloys.


We Designed Our Blocks To Focus more MASS Stockpiling this Mass in the Perfect Position Under THE STRINGS

AXN™ Disruptor Sustain Blocks are much thicker. The AXN™ SuperWide™ Sustain Block we designed for our 2018 line of AXN™ guitars are effectively 5X the size of a stock Floyd Rose blocks and 3X-4X as Large as an upgrade fat Big Block Brass Floyd Rose brass sustain block. No matter what other manufacturers say a fatter, thicker, machined metal AXN™ BIG block equals out to more frequency control than those "cast" thin metal blocks. ALL the other sustain blocks are rubbish. Don't waste your time with any other brand. Get an AXN™ Disruptor™ Sustain Block.


For Example our Model-84' sustain block is machined in the USA from a special steel alloy with special metallurgical characteristics. While working with Mr. Floyd Rose in the year 1980 Eddie Van Halen recommended to the inventor Mr. Floyd Rose the whale tail fine tuner design and a fatter sustain block. The result is what can be heard on the VH2 record. We own that EVH famous steel sustain block and have analyzed and bench tested its metal content so as to manufacture our AXN™ Model-84' Boutique Sustain Block. We offer the Model-84' sustain block for sale catering to those of you that want to emulate that famous EVH "Brown Sound". 

[ PICTURED ABOVE ]   5150 TONE - AXN™ MODEL-84'  Sustain Block  | VAN HALEN TONE

[ PICTURED ABOVE ]  5150 TONE - AXN™ MODEL-84'  Sustain Block | VAN HALEN TONE

Its common knowledge that the type of metals and the blend of different metals used in any one alloy drastically effects tone in musical instruments. Take for example drummers. A drummer knows that the cymbals which are made from different blends of brass, tin, and copper generate a distinctively different tone and put-out a different volume level. That said, many drummers prefer a snare drum made from brass for a warmer tone. While at the same time many drummers prefer new modern snare drums that are being manufactured from stainless steel and now titanium which they claim have unique sound characteristics.

Some of the relative sound differences is mathematical having to do with the percussive nature of each metal and also the speed of the vibrations etc. Similarly the vibration of the guitar string locked into a Floyd Rose tremolo transfers this vibration through the mass of the sustain block.

Appropriately, and over the decades with the advent of modern alloys, a debate has transpired as to what size and which metal type is best for locking tremolos. It sounds quite cliché but for hard rock music when it comes to guitars bridges and hardware BIGGER IS BETTER. Another addition, if you've ever read into metallurgy the "hardness factor" of metals is another influence on guitar tone. So, just for a laugh we will go ahead and state, if you like METAL and ROCK-N-ROLL music always make sure your guitar bridge is hard and remember bigger-is-better.


I'am working with a local aerospace machine shop here is southern California to scientifically test various alloys. I've been prototyping the width and girth as well as the weight of the sustain block when mounted to an Original Floyd Rose so as to pinpoint and record the amount of "flutter" that can be achieved during the use of the whammy bar. Of course I've been testing the width and girth as well as the weight of the sustain block so as to arrive at a predictable amount of tone-change and the precise amounts of EQ change accumulated by the different types of metal alloys.
When we manufacture our AXN™ Guitars we've incorporated into our custom AXN™ guitar tooling enlarged tremolo cavity routing. This routing facilitates a very large sustain block and therefore more forward and more backward movement. Its just one benefit of owning an AXN™ Guitar.
The AXN™ Sustain Blocks we use on our guitars are over 2X the size of Floyd Rose Sustain blocks and are positioned under the strings more accurately. The AXN™ Sustain Blocks we have for sale today include dimensional specifications we took from Mr. Floyd Rose's original prototypes.
The 1980 larger and uniquely shaped sustain blocks had initial specifications exclusive to those prototypes. These specs were lost  or compromised over the years. I believe those details were to costly to continue including when the Floyd original tremolos were outsourced to Germany in 1983. Today, No other guitar maker is manufacturing stuff like my team and I over here at AXN™ Guitars. I consider what we are doing modern art.
Johnny - AXN™ Guitars

Unique Products Made By American Machinists in The United States Using USA Steel and USA Exotic Metals

Each AXN™ Disruptor Sustain Blocks is a hand crafted boutique sustain block machined in small quantities from our choice blend of metal alloys. AXN™ Sustain blocks have our own unique tonal characteristics. Our tone changes are much different and much more acute than the tone changes other aftermarket blocks produce.

Other aftermarket blocks actually can produce worse sustain than a stock Floyd Rose block because they are "cast" sustain blocks. In addition, those well known aftermarket sustain block companies don't want you to know that all their blocks are imported from china. Go look at the photos of their product and compare the details to our USA AXN™ Disruptor Sustain Blocks.

For example a common brass sustain blocks from some other suppliers will only offer a very minor gain in sustain virtually un-noticeable to the human ear. Where as our sustain blocks, because they are machined from choice metal stock, will improve the tone and provide an extremely noticeable gain in sustain. We speculate our blocks produce at least a 5-7 times improvement in tone and sustain as the best aftermarket blocks you find from other suppliers. 

Because of the very high cost to manufacture these boutique sustain blocks in America the right way, we only produce a limited amount of AXN™ Disruptor Sustain Blocks twice a year. We use a local aerospace machine shop to machine them from our choices of boutique metal alloys. We manufacture our sustain blocks firstly to use the blocks in our AXN™  custom guitars. The blocks that are left is what you see for sale here.

We have experience with metal machining specifically aerospace mold makers and aerospace machining shops ( having worked in that industry for decades ). We also learned much about the hardness of different metal alloys and heat treating used in the aerospace industry. This experience made us very familiar with exotic metals including tool steel, powder metallurgical steels, stainless steels, and specialty alloys such as the type available from this Exotic Steel Supplier


The below chart describes what push you will get in the bass, mids, and treble. Our blocks are quite different than other blocks and manufactured to deliver the following PUSH in frequency EQ


We Use These Sustain Blocks on Our Hand Crafted Boutique Guitars
We pinpoint the perfect tone-flavor - We target the perfect sound

" We produce a very short run of sustain blocks twice a year to our specifications. We make these "tone-flavor-ed' sustain blocks available here at the AlienXnation™ Guitar Boutique. We also use these sustain blocks on high end and custom AXN™ Handcrafted Guitars."


------------------------------------- SPECIFICATIONS and DIMENSIONS  ----------------------------------------------------------

  • Tremolo Disassembly Instructions
  • Sustain Block Size Availability only 42mm and 37mm ( 2016-17 ) --- 32mm is a special order item [ ask us ]
  • Dimensions -  12.40mm thick x 50.50mm wide by either 42mm or 37mm depending on your purchase [ Titanium, Steel, Copper, Aluminum ]
  • Bronze Blocks are thicker - Bronze Sustain Block Dimensions 14.40mm thick x 52.7mm wide by either 42mm or 37mm
  • For Floyd Rose - Works on Floyd Original, Floyd 1000, Special and All Schaller made Floyds